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Pretreatment Electrophoresis Tank


Product Description

The pre-treatment and electrophoresis tank in painting both play an important role in painting.

The main purpose of pretreatment is to remove oil, rust, dust and other foreign matter on the surface of metal work-pieces, provide a good base suitable for coating requirements, and improve the adhesion, anti-corrosion ability and decorative performance of the coating film. Under the influence of environmental protection policies, pre-treatment agents are transforming and upgrading from traditional high-pollution, high-energy-consuming agents and processes to low-carbon and environmentally friendly ones. For example, traditional phosphorus-containing degreasing agents are being replaced by low-carbon and environmentally friendly phosphorus-free degreasing agents; traditional strong acid rust removers containing strong acids such as nitric acid, sulfuric acid, and phosphoric acid are being replaced by non-strong acid rust removers; traditional Phosphating solutions containing phosphorus, zinc, manganese and nickel are being replaced by film solutions containing no phosphorus, zinc, manganese, nickel and other metal elements; traditional passivating agents containing nitrite and chromium Being replaced by nitrite-free, chromium-free passivators.

The importance of electrophoresis tanks in coating is mainly reflected in the relationship between its size and production line efficiency. The size of the workpiece determines the size of the electrophoresis tank, and enough space must be left to ensure a reasonable distance between the workpiece and the anode and allow easy movement. Only by having enough energization time for the workpiece in the tank can high-quality coating thickness and high coating efficiency be guaranteed. Under certain conditions such as the solid content of the electrophoresis solution, the voltage determines the thickness of the workpiece per unit time. For work-pieces with strict size requirements, this characteristic can be used to control the thickness of the surface coating of the workpiece within a certain range.

In general, pretreatment and electrophoresis tanks in painting play an important role in improving coating film quality, anti-corrosion capabilities and decorative performance.

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