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The pre-treatment electrophoresis production line adopts intermittent and self-propelled hoist conveying methods. There is a manual Pre-cleaning station before the work-piece enters the pre-processing. The pre-treatment production line consists of process tank and auxiliary tank, chamber body, pump, circulating spray pipeline, automatic degreasing system, automatic temperature adjustment control system, drug replenishment system, phosphating and slag removal system, pickling cleaning system, and injection system , sealing liquid system, air supply and exhaust system, platform system, etc. The electrophoresis system consists of an electrophoresis area, a post-electrophoresis rinse area, a drain area and auxiliary equipment.
After using the electrophoresis production line, the product can have high transparency and fullness, special gloss and transparency, and a high three-dimensional effect after painting, and the color of the substrate has no performance. The paint film has good leveling property, strong paint film feeling, and good paint film slippery feeling. The paint is all-pervasive, with strong bonding force between wet film and dry film, strong bonding force and penetrating force. Good anti-discoloration and anti-corrosion properties, long-lasting color and good anti-corrosion properties.
The company's equipment is connected by professional engineers, and end customers can call the after-sales service hotline for consultation at any time if they have any questions.
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Our company is specialized in producing powder spraying, paint spraying, cathode (anode) electrophoresis production lines in engineering machinery, automotive and other industries.

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