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Our company specializes in providing turnkey solutions for painting production lines, covering various industries including construction machinery, motorcycles, passenger cars, agricultural machinery, food machinery, pressure vessels, and pipeline fittings.
Painting Production Line
Shot blasting machine is an important equipment widely used in surface treatment, casting, construction, metallurgy and other fields. Its main function is to remove oxide scale, rust, impurities, etc.
Shot Blasting Machine
The electrophoretic coating production line is an efficient paint coating method with the characteristics of high degree of automation, stable coating quality, energy saving and environmental protection.
Electrophoresis Production Line
Painting wastewater and gas treatment equipment plays an important role in the industrial manufacturing field. This type of equipment is mainly used to treat waste water and waste gas generated during the painting process to solve environmental pollution problems.
Environmental Protection Equipment
The coating industry is an important part of industrial manufacturing and involves the surface treatment and decoration of various products. During the coating process, the quality and efficiency of conveying equipment directly affect production costs and product quality.
Intelligent Conveyer System


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Our company is specialized in producing powder spraying, paint spraying, cathode (anode) electrophoresis production lines in engineering machinery, automotive and other industries.

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