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Tianjin Yinxu Automobile Exhaust Gas Treatment Equipment (Rotor + Rto) 


Product Description

In order to improve the company's environmental awareness and respond to the country's call for environmental protection, Tianjin Yinxu Automobile decided to upgrade its existing exhaust gas treatment equipment. The main purpose of the transformation is to make exhaust emissions more environmentally friendly and efficient in order to comply with relevant national and local regulations and standards. To this end, Tianjin Yinxu Automobile chose Anjia Coating, which has high-quality design and supply capabilities in the field of wastewater and gas treatment equipment, to be responsible for this transformation project.

Background of the project:

As a high-quality designer and supplier of wastewater and gas treatment equipment, Anjia Company has many years of industry experience and excellent technical strength. The company has a good reputation and status in the industry, and has provided successful wastewater and gas treatment solutions to many companies. Tianjin Yinxu Automobile chose Anjia Company based on its high recognition of its professional capabilities and rich experience in exhaust gas modification projects.

Implementation process:

During the project implementation process, Anjia Company developed a detailed project plan and timetable in accordance with the customer's requirements. The design team designed the equipment layout and process flow based on Tianjin Yinxu Automobile's actual needs and site conditions. The production department strictly controls every production link according to the design drawings to ensure the quality and performance of the equipment. The installation and debugging team installed and debugged the equipment on site to ensure that the equipment was operating normally and that the exhaust gas detection results met national standards.

Challenges encountered:

Upgrading is more difficult than building a new one because it requires optimization and improvement on the basis of the original equipment. During the transformation process, Anjia Company encountered many design problems that conflicted with the old equipment. However, with strong technical strength and rich experience, the engineers of Anjia Company successfully solved these problems through careful design and adjustment, ensuring the smooth progress of the renovation project.

Project results:

After careful design and construction by Anjia Company, the exhaust gas transformation project passed the review and acceptance at one time. Tianjin Yinxu Automobile exhaust emissions have been significantly improved, reaching relevant national and local standards. In this regard, Tianjin Yinxu Automobile expressed great satisfaction with Anjia Company's production lines and services.

Customer Reviews:

Tianjin Yinxu Automobile spoke highly of Anjia Company's performance in the exhaust gas modification project. They believe that Anjia company's production lines and services are excellent and can meet their needs and provide professional solutions. Tianjin Yinxu Automobile stated that they chose Anjia Company because of its professional capabilities and good reputation in the field of wastewater and gas treatment. This cooperation gave them a deeper understanding of Anchor's services and technical strength, and they expressed that they would continue to choose Anchor as a partner for similar projects in the future.

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