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Automobile Exhaust Gas Treatment Equipment (Wheel +RTO)

The exhaust gas treatment equipment (wheel + RTO) in the coating industry

Product Description

The exhaust gas treatment equipment (wheel + RTO) in the coating industry is a combined exhaust gas treatment equipment, which mainly includes a wheel adsorption system and an RTO (regenerative thermal incinerator) system.

The main function of the wheel adsorption system is to adsorb organic pollutants in waste gas and concentrate them into high-concentration organic waste gas. The system uses adsorbents such as activated carbon or activated carbon fiber to achieve continuous adsorption of exhaust gas through wheeled movement. When the adsorbent reaches a saturated state, the system will automatically switch to the desorption stage, and the organic matter adsorbed on the adsorbent will be desorbed through high-temperature heating to form high-concentration organic waste gas.

The RTO system is an efficient and reliable waste gas treatment technology that can incinerate high-concentration organic waste gas at high temperatures. This system uses a regenerative thermal incinerator (RTO) to heat organic waste gas to a high temperature of over 800°C, allowing it to undergo a sufficient oxidation reaction in a short time to generate harmless substances such as carbon dioxide and water vapor. At the same time, the RTO system also has high energy utilization and low operating costs.

The combined use of waste gas treatment equipment (wheel type + RTO) in the coating industry can achieve comprehensive treatment of organic pollutants in waste gas. First, the wheel adsorption system adsorbs and concentrates the organic pollutants in the waste gas into high-concentration organic waste gas, and then transports it to the RTO system for high-temperature incineration treatment. After this combined treatment, the organic pollutants in the exhaust gas are completely removed, achieving the purpose of purifying the air.

In addition, this combined exhaust gas treatment equipment also has the advantages of small footprint, stable operation, and easy maintenance. At the same time, due to the adoption of advanced automation control technology, the operation of the equipment is easier and the degree of manual intervention is reduced.

In general, the exhaust gas treatment equipment (wheel type + RTO) in the painting industry is a very effective exhaust gas treatment equipment that can meet the needs of the coating industry for exhaust gas treatment.

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