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Guangan BYD Cloud Track Painting Production Line


Project Description

1. Project background and goals

As a world-renowned electric vehicle manufacturer, BYD is actively exploring new business areas while continuously promoting technological innovation and industrial upgrading. In 2016, BYD launched the sky rail project with the goal of creating an internationally leading sky rail train. As a close partner of BYD, Anjia Company is honored to undertake the construction of the painting production line for the sky rail train project.

2. Production line design and technical requirements

After taking over the project, Anjia Company had many in-depth communications with the project engineers to understand their design requirements and technical standards for the production line. After many discussions and revisions, Anjia Company finally determined the design and technical requirements of the coating production line.

3. Efficient production and on-time delivery

Based on the determined scheme design and technical requirements, Anjia Company immediately organized a production team and carried out production work day and night. With the joint efforts of all employees, Anjia Company successfully completed the production tasks within the specified time and ensured the on-time delivery of the Sky Rail train.

4. Overcome installation problems

Due to the particularity of rail vehicles, the equipment is relatively large and difficult to install. However, as Anjia Company with many years of rich experience in coating line installation, Anjia Company relied on our professional technology and rich experience to successfully overcome the installation difficulties and complete the project installation on time and as required.

5. Debugging and trial operation

After the installation was completed, Anjia Company carried out detailed debugging work under the supervision and guidance of project engineers from both parties. After some hard work, the production line successfully completed the trial operation and was highly recognized by customers.

6. Training and Assessment

In order to ensure the normal operation of the production line and the operational safety of employees, Anjia Company conduct one-week training and assessment on operation and problem solving. Through training, employees became familiar with the production line's operating procedures and solutions to common problems, laying a solid foundation for subsequent production operations.

7. Pass the acceptance at one time

After a series of rigorous tests and inspections, the project passed acceptance in one go. This signifies that our coating lines meet customer expectations and industry standards in terms of quality and performance. At the same time, it also proves the strength of our team in project management, technical implementation and quality control.

8. Subsequent construction of new projects

With the continuous advancement of BYD's sky rail project, the demand for the construction of painting production lines for subsequent new projects has also increased. Anjia Company is confident that we will continue to undertake these projects and provide safer, more comfortable and more convenient transportation services to our passengers. Through the implementation of these projects, Anjia Company will continue to accumulate experience, improve technical levels, and set new benchmarks in the field of rail vehicle manufacturing.

In summary, the successful implementation of the Guangzhou BYD Skytrain Painting Line Project not only demonstrates our strength and experience in the field of painting production line construction, but also further consolidates our position in the field of rail vehicle manufacturing. In the future, Anjia Company will continue to uphold the concept of customer first, continuously improve product quality and service levels, and contribute to the development of the global rail vehicle manufacturing industry.

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