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Composition of painting production line equipment

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The entire equipment of the painting production line is a huge whole, with machines in each area performing their respective tasks to complete their own process flow. Although some workpiece process flows have more than a dozen processes that can be dazzling, and large machinery often appears more complex, it is actually very easy to understand when viewed from a structural perspective. The equipment composition and configuration of the painting production line may vary depending on production needs and painted work-pieces, but generally speaking, the equipment of the painting production line includes the following aspects:

1. Conveying equipment: Conveying equipment is the core of the coating production line, which can transfer work-pieces from one process to another. Each process has dedicated conveying equipment, and the line speed can be adjusted according to production needs. Generally, commonly used conveying equipment adopts several methods such as hanging, supporting, and belt conveying.

2. Surface treatment equipment: such as cleaning machines, sandblasting machines, chemical pretreatment equipment, etc., used for surface treatment such as cleaning, degreasing, decontamination, rust removal, purification, etc. Removing impurities and corrosion layer thickness attached to the surface of the workpiece can effectively improve the coating effect and durability.

3. Coating equipment: such as handheld spray guns, automatic spraying equipment, electrophoretic spraying lines, spray casting lines, etc., used for coating operations such as spraying, powder spraying, electrophoretic coating, or painting. In general, automated painting production lines have better accuracy and uniformity compared to manual painting, and manual spraying has also transformed from the previous conventional production method to a small amount of supplementary spraying for irregular parts.

4. Heating equipment: It is commonly used to quickly dry and enter the next process after cleaning or to dry the workpiece after coating to avoid surface adhesion and sagging, which plays an important role in improving coating quality and production efficiency. Moreover, with the continuous improvement of technology, the thermal energy utilization rate and drying effect of drying equipment are also constantly improving. Common drying equipment such as drying ovens, drying rooms, microwave curing ovens, UV drying equipment, etc.

5. Environmental control equipment: such as air filtration systems, exhaust equipment, purification systems, etc., are commonly used to control the air quality indicators in the painting area, reduce dust pollution, and ensure air safety and environmental emissions in painting production.

6. Automation control equipment: The automated coating production line introduces a PMS intelligent project management digital operation platform, adopts a project driven mode, takes cost as the core progress as the main line, realizes higher scientific operation of the project, and achieves cost reduction and efficiency increase.

The main equipment of the painting production line consists of the six types mentioned above. The selection and configuration of each equipment should be based on the different needs of the painted workpiece, painting process and requirements, as well as factors such as production batch, number of painting colors, and quality requirements. Reasonable design and selection should be considered.

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