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Jiuzhou Automotive Electrophoresis Line

Introduction to the pre-treatment and electrophoresis production line project of Xiangyang Jiuzhou Automobile Plant

Product Description

Xiangyang Jiuzhou Automobile Factory, in order to meet the growing market demand, decided to update its pre-treatment and electrophoresis production line projects. After extensive market research and comparison, Anjia Company stood out for its excellent technical strength and high-quality services, and was selected as the partner to undertake this rectification project.

During the start-up phase of the project, Anjia Company's technical staff conducted in-depth online and offline discussions with Xiangyang Jiuzhou Automobile Factory. They not only conducted many technical exchanges, but also carried out detailed planning and design of the update plan for the coating production line based on on-site inspections. In the end, a set of pre-treatment and electrophoresis production line transformation plans were tailor-made for Xiangyang Jiuzhou Automobile Factory that met its actual needs.

In terms of delivery time, Anjia Company delivered the required equipment and components to the Xiangyang Jiuzhou Automobile Factory on time in accordance with the time points stipulated in the contract. Subsequently, our professional installation team entered the site and began the intense and orderly installation work. During the installation process, we overcame many difficulties and worked with high efficiency to ensure that the transformation of the pre-treatment and electrophoresis production line projects was completed on time.

After a series of strict acceptance procedures, the pre-treatment and electrophoresis production line projects of Xiangyang Jiuzhou Automobile Plant passed the acceptance at one time. This marks the successful completion of Anjia Company's work in this transformation project, and also means that Xiangyang Jiuzhou Automobile Plant has made significant progress in increasing production capacity and optimizing processes.

In general, the successful implementation of the pre-treatment and electrophoresis production line project of Xiangyang Jiuzhou Automobile Plant not only improved the company's production efficiency, but also further consolidated Anjia Company's position as an industry leader. In the future, we will continue to uphold the concept of "customer first, quality first" and provide high-quality products and services to more automobile manufacturing companies.

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Our company is specialized in producing powder spraying, paint spraying, cathode (anode) electrophoresis production lines in engineering machinery, automotive and other industries.

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