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A Brief Discussion on New Technologies And Materials for Automotive Painting

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A Brief Discussion on New Technologies and Materials for Automotive Painting

Provider: Changzhou Anjia Coating Equipment Co.,Ltd

In recent years, materials science has made great progress through continuous development, and new technologies and materials have been widely applied in the automotive field. Before the car leaves the factory, a very important painting process must be carried out. The painting process has a direct impact on the normal use and aesthetics of the car. Therefore, the application of advanced technology materials in the painting process of the car plays a very important role and significance. This article elaborates in detail on the relevant research on new technologies and materials for car painting.

[Keywords] Automobile; Painting; New materials; new technique

Nowadays, the development of science and technology is very rapid, and it can be said that with the improvement of economic living standards, people are paying more attention to improving their quality of life and environmental issues. Various industries and fields have increased their research and development efforts in advanced technological means, hoping to reduce environmental pollution and damage, thereby improving the quality of life. In China's automobile manufacturing and production industry, due to its relatively late start and backward technological level, automobile painting has brought serious environmental pollution. Therefore, in response to the current high requirements of society and the government for environmental protection and green production, as well as to meet the increasing demand for automobile production painting processes, it is necessary to increase the research and development of new technologies and materials, To promote the healthy and sustainable development of China's automobile manufacturing industry.

1、 New Materials for Automotive Painting

(1) Electrophoretic CED coating

At present, automotive coating materials worldwide are developing towards the mainstream direction of electrophoretic CED coatings. Nowadays, the environmental requirements for automotive painting are becoming increasingly strict. In order to meet various strict requirements while also improving quality and reducing costs, further continuous research and innovation are needed for this type of material. Therefore, various environmentally friendly and low-cost new coatings such as high penetration CED and weather resistant CED have emerged one after another. The environmental protection principle of high penetration CED coatings is that through technological improvements, the thickness of cathodic electrophoretic coatings is reduced, and the amount of coatings used is also reduced. This greatly reduces the emissions of volatile organic compounds in the air during the automotive coating process, achieving the reduction of production costs while also meeting the relevant environmental protection standards and requirements for pollutant emissions, And the produced coatings also have certain corrosion resistance characteristics [2].

The process principle of weather resistant CED coatings is that different spray drying processes are used for the production of this coating. This process enables this coating to meet universal corrosion resistance standards and requirements, while also having higher weather resistance than before, and its application prospects are also wider, The coatings commonly used in the painting process include acrylic resin CED coatings and layer separation type high weather resistance CED coatings.

(2) Intermediate coating

There is a difference between midway coatings and electrophoretic CED coatings. As an important coating, this type of coating has outstanding functions and effects that are different from other coatings in traditional painting processes. Firstly, when crushed stones or other sharp foreign objects collide with the surface of the car, this coating can provide protection to the surface of the car and has a certain degree of protective function. In addition, it can also be used for filling the electrophoretic surface, with good filling performance. Secondly, when the car surface is strongly exposed to ultraviolet radiation in hot weather conditions, this material not only isolates ultraviolet radiation to a certain extent, but also has a certain degree of weather resistance, which can play a relatively good protective effect on electrophoretic paint. However, people are still persistently researching and developing new materials, such as primer coatings and high solid coatings with intermediate performance. These new coatings not only have the advantages of traditional intermediate coatings, but also have innovative performance, slowly replacing the position of intermediate coatings.

(3) Topcoat coating

The topcoat coating process is very important in the entire automotive painting process, as it determines how the car brings people a visual experience and has a direct impact on the shaping of the car before leaving the factory. The main types of topcoat coatings for automobiles are as follows:

1. Waterborne coatings

Waterborne coatings are different from traditional coatings. As a new type of coating, it has prominent characteristics of difference, which is that it uses less organic solvents, and its carrier is water or other non-toxic water-soluble substances, which is more environmentally friendly; To a large extent, it reduces the flammability, explosiveness, and volatility of organic coatings, and reduces the health impact of organic inhalation on relevant personnel, making it more safe. Moreover, the thixotropy, fluidity, and surface tension of this coating are relatively better.

2. Powder coating

Powder coatings are different from water-based coatings in that they do not require water-soluble carriers, causing less environmental pollution, and can also be reused. In addition, its impact resistance, weather resistance, and corrosion resistance are all very good, and it has a relatively wide range of color options. Overall, it has a very promising future development prospect.

3. High solid coatings

High solid separation material is a new type of coating, which is based on the improvement of molecular properties, making the performance of the coating more superior. Its outstanding advantages are solvent-free and pollution-free. It is a green coating that pays more attention to environmental protection and has had a very good development status in recent years.

2、 New Technologies for Automotive Painting

(1) 3C1B Coating Technology

The traditional process of automotive painting has been replaced by a new process that is more conducive to environmental protection because it does not meet the standards of environmental protection technology. Therefore, the new painting process 3C1B was born, which is an upgraded version of 3C2B. It is more energy-efficient and scientifically and reasonably simplifies the intermediate coating drying process, reducing the emission of organic volatile compounds to about 50% of the original level, making it more environmentally friendly, The cost has also decreased by approximately 15%.

(2) B1: B2 process

The B1: B2 coating process is based on the 3C2B and 3C1B coating processes, and further development and innovation are carried out. These two processes are scientifically and reasonably integrated together, and then simplified to give birth to the B1: B2 coating process. The B1 layer serves as both the bottom layer and the intermediate layer, while the B2 layer directly serves as the paint coating. This new coating process greatly reduces resource waste and pollutant emissions. Specifically, the energy consumption is about nine tenths of the original, and the emission of organic pollutants is also greatly reduced. The most convenient thing is that as long as the original equipment production line is appropriately improved, this process can be directly used with less effort, reducing waste of funds and lowering capital costs.

(3) Double bottom coating process

The double bottom coating process involves applying 15-25um of a-Prime electrophoretic coating after 15-25um β~ Prime water-based intermediate coating is then dried in a high temperature environment of 150 ℃ to form it. Compared with other processes, this process reduces the two steps of electrophoretic drying and primer polishing in the application process, resulting in better adhesion of the coating. Moreover, its corrosion and impact resistance are also superior.

(4) Rotating cup spraying technology

The working principle of rotary cup spraying technology is mainly to set the electrodes between the coated workpiece and the rotary cup, forming a strong electric field. Then, through the driving force, the rotary cup produces a rotating effect. Through the combined effect of the strong electric field and centrifugal force, the coating inside the rotary cup uniformly adheres to the workpiece. The rotary cup spraying technology, as a new type of process technology, has outstanding advantages. It can improve the utilization rate of coatings, effectively reduce resource waste, and thus achieve a significant reduction in production costs.

3、 Conclusion

The automotive painting process in our country started relatively late, and the current level of craftsmanship is still in a relatively backward state. However, due to our continuous investment of a large amount of manpower, material resources, and financial resources, and our persistent research and development of new painting technologies and materials, the automotive painting process has achieved rapid development as expected. Coating materials and techniques have a direct impact on the actual use process and external aesthetics of automobiles. Currently, China has strict requirements for environmental protection and green production. Environmental protection is a prerequisite for all production development. Therefore, various high-performance coating materials have been developed, and continuous innovation and improvement of relevant technical means can meet the technical standards required by environmental protection and improve the safety of personnel operations, The coating quality has been greatly improved, making the performance of coating materials more superior, meeting the diverse needs of customers, while reducing production costs and energy waste, greatly promoting the improvement of automotive production and manufacturing level. Therefore, we should continue to persistently research and explore new materials and technologies for automotive painting, and strive to continuously improve the level of automotive painting technology, so as to make its development prospects better and better.

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