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Development Trends of Automobile Painting Technology

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Development Trends of Automobile Painting Technology

1. Digital management

For the informatization development of automobile painting technology, that is, to effectively design and paint automobiles through digital systems, to better improve the overall painting effect of automobiles, and to better meet needs through digital processing, people have currently used CAX (CAD , CAPP, CAE, CAM) systems, PDM systems, MPII systems, ERP systems, etc., simulate digital design of products, automatically improve the flow of processing and funds, and achieve comprehensive digital management.

2. Intelligent system

The application of automobile machinery technology in industrial manufacturing has led to the rapid development of automobile painting technology. Intelligent systems in the body painting process have also been widely improved and applied, solving various problems in automobile painting technology and effectively The intelligent system is effectively combined with multiple advanced technologies such as computing technology and fuzzy control technology, which has strong adaptability and improves its user-friendliness. With the continuous development of electronic technology in the automotive industry, automotive information systems and network technology are accelerating the reform of automobiles. Future automobiles will move towards diversified development and realize the development of network technology and integration.

3. Virtualization design

For automobile virtualization design, it is the process of realizing virtual allocation and virtual processing in the overall manufacturing process of the automobile, completing the painting process of the automobile in the computer, discovering problems in practical applications in a timely manner, and effectively handling the problems. It can better reduce the cost of automobiles, shorten the product production cycle, and effectively improve the competitiveness of products.

4. Green and environmental protection

For automobile safety technology, it is to effectively improve the greening design of automobile roads. Through the sound recognition system data and the close integration of network technology, it is guaranteed that the automobile will eventually achieve the ultimate goal of "zero death" to "zero accident" and better improve driving. technology, and ultimately realize unmanned driving, improve overall efficiency, and at the same time increase the use of new energy, continuously optimize engines and intelligent technology, and based on green environmental protection, the development of automobiles has also put forward higher requirements for new energy sources in automobiles. The research and application of new materials for automobile body painting will also become the future development trend of automobiles.


With the continuous development of science and technology, various automobile painting technologies are applied to automobile painting technology, which continuously improves the development of automobiles in the shopping mall. The development of automobiles has increasingly shown features such as diversified functions, networked systems, environmentally friendly use, lightweight bodies, and safer driving. We also look forward to the integration of electrification and intelligence in future automobiles.

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