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Kunshan Jiateng Mechanical Shot Blasting Equipment Project

Kunshan Jiateng Machinery Co., Ltd., a rigorous Japanese-owned enterprise, is committed to achieving excellent efficiency and quality in the field of surface treatment of mechanical components. In order to further enhance its production line and improve production efficiency, Kunshan Garten Machinery decided to introduce a new component shot blasting equipment line. Among many competitors, Anjia Company finally won this project with its excellent technical strength and rigorous project management experience.

At the beginning of the project, Anchor's technical staff conducted a detailed survey of the site of Kunshan Garten Machinery and had in-depth discussions with the customer's technical team. They carefully analyzed the customer's production needs and the on-site environment to provide strong technical support for the smooth implementation of the project. After several rounds of in-depth discussions, the design plan submitted by Anjia Company was recognized by the customer, laying the foundation for further advancement of the project.

During the project implementation stage, Anjia Company used a high sense of responsibility and superb technology to produce in strict accordance with the design drawings, ensuring the quality and delivery time of the equipment. They organize production carefully and pay close attention to every production link to ensure that every piece of equipment can be completed on time and with quality.

During the installation process, Anjia Company relied on its rich experience and excellent technical strength to overcome one difficulty after another. Whether it was the installation of hardware equipment or the debugging of software systems, they successfully completed the task with professional skills and rigorous attitude.

After careful organization and careful implementation by Anjia Company, the project passed the acceptance inspection at one time and was highly recognized and praised by the customer. The customer expressed satisfaction with the performance and quality of the equipment, and expressed appreciation for Anjia Company's professionalism and professionalism during the project implementation.

In order to ensure the smooth operation of the new equipment, Anjia Company also provided comprehensive training for the operators and maintenance workers of Kunshan Garten Machinery. They introduced in detail the operating procedures, daily maintenance and troubleshooting methods of common faults of the equipment, so that operators and maintenance workers can better understand and master the operation and maintenance of new equipment.

The successful implementation of the Kunshan Jiateng Machinery shot blasting equipment project not only improved the production efficiency of Kunshan Jiateng Machinery, but also further consolidated Anjia Company's leading position in the field of machinery manufacturing. The success of this project is due to Anjia Company's superb technology, rigorous management and professionalism.

Through this cooperation, Anjia Company and Kunshan Jiateng Machinery have established a close cooperative relationship, laying a solid foundation for future cooperation. We hope that in the future, Anjia Company and Kunshan Jiateng Machinery can continue to deepen their cooperation and jointly promote the development of the machinery manufacturing industry.

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