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Hangzhou BYD Bus Painting Line

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Introduction: As a leading new energy vehicle manufacturer in China, BYD decided to increase a painting production line to achieve its goals of production capacity upgrade and quality improvement. As a long-term partner of BYD, Changzhou Anjia Coating Equipment Co.,Ltd played a crucial role in this project.

Background: Changzhou Anjia Coating Equipment Co.,Ltd is a company specialized in the research, production, and sales of automotive painting equipment. Over the years, we have maintained a good cooperative relationship with BYD, winning their trust and support with high-quality products and excellent services.

Implementation process: Before the project started, Changzhou Anjia Coating Equipment Co.,Ltd team had thorough communication and exchanges with BYD's engineering team to understand their needs and requirements. Based on BYD's requirements, we formulated a detailed project plan and gradually progressed according to the plan.

Firstly, our design team designed the painting production line according to BYD's factory layout and requirements. During the design process, we fully considered factors such as production efficiency, quality control, and environmental protection to ensure that the design scheme met BYD's needs.

Next, our production team began manufacturing the painting equipment. We strictly followed BYD's requirements and standards, adopting advanced manufacturing processes and technologies to ensure the quality and performance of the equipment.

After the completion of equipment manufacturing, our installation and commissioning team started the installation and commissioning of the painting production line. We operated strictly according to BYD's process and standards, ensuring the normal operation of the equipment and meeting BYD's production needs.

Challenges encountered: During the project implementation, we encountered some challenges. As the painting production line needed to be connected with the preceding and subsequent processes, we needed to closely cooperate with the teams of other processes to ensure the smooth progress of the entire production process. In the process of connection, we faced some technical and communication difficulties. However, our team took the initiative to communicate and coordinate with other teams, jointly solve the problems, and ultimately successfully completed the project.

Project results: Through the efforts of the team, the new painting production line passed the audit and acceptance at one time. Our equipment and services were recognized and affirmed by BYD, making significant contributions to their production capacity upgrade and quality improvement.

Customer evaluation: BYD expressed their satisfaction with Anjia Coating's production line and services. They highly praised our professional technology and team collaboration ability, and expressed their willingness to continue working with us. They believed that our equipment was reliable in quality, had high production efficiency, and could meet their needs.

Conclusion: The successful case of Changzhou Anjia Coating Equipment Co.,Ltd demonstrates our strength and experience in the field of automotive painting equipment. Through long-term cooperation with BYD, we have made important contributions to their production capacity upgrade and quality improvement. We will continue to enhance our technical capabilities and service levels, providing high-quality painting equipment and solutions for more automotive manufacturing companies, and promoting the development of the entire automotive industry.

Hangzhou BYD Bus Painting Line

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